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Traditionally for burial or safekeeping of ashes, an urn is a pot or vessel, with or without a lid. Our urns are made from natural materials including wood, stone, gourds, textiles, and paper, all suitable for burial or display.

These urns are intended to bring peace throughout the days and years to come, made specifically with your loved one in mind. Should you choose to bury your urn, it may be safely placed in the ground, and can be crafted to conform to any applicable standards for burial in your area.

These urns combine natural elements of the world around us. Gourds, wood, metal and stone in pleasing, organic shapes are enhanced with deep rich colors. Any of these pieces may be embellished with objects of your choosing to create a beautifully personal vessel. There are some in stock to select from, or you may specify what you want in a custom urn.

Who was your loved one? Did they have a favorite color? Are there particular elements that are important to them, like a favorite flower, a poem or other words? Is there a meaningful symbol, photo or object that should be included?

I also offer tiny vessels, called reliquary, to hold small amounts of ash. These will match the urn for individual keepsakes or distribution of ashes.

Occasionally I come across ceramic or glass vessels that would make beautiful keepsake urns. Please check with me to see what’s currently available.

I’ve made urns primarily for the ashes of people or pets, but I’ve also created special occasion wish-bowls or commemorative pieces for collections of notes, photgraphs, favorite stones, shells, sayings and poetry. Vessels can be made in any size that suits your needs. On your altar during a memorial service, a commemorative vessel creates a beautiful lasting container for guests to leave their sentiments.















From $200

If there is something in stock that works for you, it can ship next day.

We generally have a few different sizes and colors, with and without lids and bases. These are simple and beautiful as is.

When time permits, we add to stock.  Contact us and we can send some photos of what is currently available.


From $300

Take one of our stock urns, and make it your own.

If you see something that you like, and have something small to change or add, that’s possible and will take less time than creating a new piece. 

We can add small objects that you send us, or carve a detail. Do you have a stone or shell or feather that has meaning?  A medal or ring or other jewelry? We’ll work with you to include a small something.

Custom Urns

From $500

Completely CUSTOM urns are priced according to their complexity and the time and skill required to create them.

These won’t be immediate, but if you have a bit of time, you can have something just for you.

Your design ideas are welcome, and I’ll work with you to make a completely custom urn for your loved one. 


Here’s a simple stock urn without a base or a lid for reference. It’s about 8″ in diameter, 7-8″ tall.



Have a look through the Gallery for examples of urns and contact me to see what pieces are on hand.








The recent pandemic gave us tools for working remotely, so that’s always an option. You don’t need to be local to work with me. 



Shipping can be quite expensive for overnight or 2nd day delivery. As soon as you know that you want to work with me, please get in touch to save the most on shipping. 



We offer our urns at no charge for children. Please contact me to learn more.