It is My privilege to hear your loved one’s story


It’s Still Wood and Stone’s mission, to listen.

What’s their story… your story… the story of a life?

What are the ups and downs, the inspirations, the triumphs and disappointments, the essence of the person?

I’ll craft an urn that reflects what I hear, creating a piece that you will cherish.

Does your loved one have a connection to anything special? Old baseball cards, seashells, worry stones, feathers… anything can be incorporated into a custom design. Is there a particular poem that is meaningful, or a saying? Would you like a nameplate or other marker? 

If it’s a pet you want an urn for, tell me their story. Send me a paw print  or a collar or tag. 

It’s all about their story… your story… the story of a life.




One hour of compassionate deep
listening can bring about
transformation and healing.

 ~Thich Naht Hahn

Urns suitable for display or burial

These hand-crafted urns are beautiful, one-of-a-kind, and brilliant for display.

Materials and finishes are uniquely natural and appropriate for direct burial.

(I can provide a plain wooden box for burial so that you can keep your urn for display, if that would work best for you.)



Other objects of Remembrance

Rosaries, mala and other prayer beads of various traditions.

Mixed media artwork.

Reliquary for distribution and dispersal of ash.


Other Objects


New for 2022…

Fall 2022: Urn Retreat Workshop

Join me in a retreat workshop to create an urn of your own.